How will we do this?

There are many knowledgeable people who are working with the poor and who are coming up with great solutions.

5th Village is a consolidation site for these solutions, so they can be accessed by people working with the poor, and by the poor themselves (now that technology makes universal access a reality)dreamstimefree_102824

5V is building a ‘solution archive’ covering the major areas of concern. Since every geographic area has unique features and needs, we will create area/country pages, which will feature only the appropriate solutions that can be impemented in that area. Urban areas can use different solutions than rural ones, flood regions have different problems than dry areas. People living and working in a particular region can now easily find regionally appropriate, sustainable, low- or no cost field tested solutions.

Look below at some of the ‘solutions’ we are looking at. Yes, I know, those of you who are steeped in this field are probably well aware of these ideas, but I promise you, they are news to many people who are working with the poor. It is also possible that some of these ‘solutions’ don’t work…well, that is why we will have feedback buttons! We can easily switch out pages to make sure we have the best possible solutions presented in the best possible format.

When medical help is not available here is a way to help with the Reduction of Cholera The exact instructions ought to be available to everybody who is working in areas which might be affected by an outbreak

Is your dwelling dark during the day? Make this Bottle Sky Light and stop bumping your big toe! You might have heard about this idea , but do you have an easy way to print out the exact instructions?

Although this is still in the future, check out these possible 3 cent medical tests  When they hit the market, we will create a link immediately

Do you want to share a visual on your phone with a lot of people? Make this projector  The lowtech version of crowding around a monitor!



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