Why are you doing this?

            Because we can! There is a gulf between solution creators and the people who could use the solutions and we aim to narrow that gap. As to my personal motivation, I think my story says it all!

Why has it not not been done already?

Good question! Mostly it is because all the great people working in ‘help’ organizations, are already working on a project. What 5V aims to do is aggregate existing solutions.

So has this been tested?

Testing this idea would indeed be one way to go, and it is often the suggestion made by academics. However, it will be a lot faster if we implement the suggestion in real time, and we will learn as we go. The optimal format will probably be different from country to country, and I hope that the people who have this specialized knowledge will come forward and help us.


Why is all the info on the site in English?

We’re not making any judgment here, but English is the language of the Internet. So we will create as many options as we can, to reach out through the language barrier with translations in as many languages as we can and appropriate visual communications methods.

And we will add a practical ESL program, as soon as we can.





There is war in so many of the poorest countries, how can 5V possibly be relevant?

A stable, free economy is a good way to create a stable war-averse environment, so part of this website is preventative. But once your house is bombed and you are a refugee, you need all your entrepreneurial, hopeful, adaptive skills more than ever. If you have had some experience in improving your life already, it is easier to resist seeing yourself only as a powerless victim, and you are better equipped to keep hoping for and working towards a better future.

5V is absolutely open to a set of helpful ideas for people who are in a war zone or in refugee camps: this would be extremely powerful and useful and I look forward to receiving the great ideas which, no doubt, already exist.


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