We would love to hear from you, so:

1 – if you have field tested, sustainable, low- or no cost solutions, please contact us as a potential contributor. We are looking for ideas in the fields explained on the ‘solution library’ page

2 – if you have the ability to draw simple, clear explanatory drawings please contact us as a potential illustrator. Because we will reach out to people in many countries, having clear drawings will be essential

3 -if you have deep knowledge and understanding of country (or a region) please contact us: we will need to decide location by location whether a ‘solution’ is appropriate there

4 – if you can contribute to the financial upkeep of this site, we would welcome your contribution. You will get the standard ‘this is tax deductible’ letter from us, together with our deep gratitude and the gratitude of the millions you will be helping

4 -if you have a kind word of encouragement, a constructive piece of help, an new category for the solution page, editing help, or anything else that can move this forward, by all means: contact us!

you can reach us at:

We look forward to hearing from you and building this!

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