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Information on 5th Village is shared from all sides. A mother in Nepal can submit her infant care solution and (after we verify and edit the idea) can help a parent in Kenya. Agricultural experts from an agricultural university in Holland can suggest new crops or growing methods when climate change makes the old ways of doing things impossible. 5th Village combines the best of commerce, development work, grassroots movement and creativity.

Many of our resources need to come from trustworthy experts. If you want to become a Contributor, please reference the qualifications section, and apply today!


- If you have field-tested, sustainable, low or no cost solutions or resources
- If you have the ability to draw simple, clear, explanatory drawings to help those in other countries
- If you have deep knowledge and understanding of a country (or region)
- If you can contribute to the financial upkeep of this site
- If you have a kind work of encouragement, constructive piece of help, a new solution category, or additional resource information

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